Programming for iOS? Best wait until September

If you’re a designer or an app developer with a great idea for an app that could earn you some money, you may want to consider waiting until September until you bust out the code. Well, you can start working on your idea, but the Apple’s next flagship products may just change the game enough to make you want to rethink your ideas before you pitch them to the open market.

While we’ve always seen some kinds of information leaks from Apple before the new Apple products hit the stores, this time we don’t have much to go with, so it is hard to think of what app developers may want to tinker with before t they get serious with their product. There are just so many things to take into consideration, screen size being one of the most basic ones. If new iPhone has larger screen, than you have much more space to work with, allowing for smoother and more intuitive interfaces for you apps. Will the iOS remain the same as the last generation of phones? If not, just what will change and how will that affect programmers?

However, some of these points held true for every generation of apple products, so why is it now that you’d want to hold back with your creative ideas? Here’s a brief rundown – Apple has been slowly but surely tanking in sales over the last few years, and it is a pretty safe bet that they’ve invested a lot into their research and development this time – they saw what kind of consumer backlash they may be facing if their product just does not deliver. While they lack Steve Jobs to work his magic with the tech company, they are still capable of learning from their mistakes, and I’d say it would be a great mistake to think that the new generation of iPhones would be identical to the old ones, so they may add new phone features that are not purely available as a software update, maybe adding new ways the phone can interact with the user (it may be too early for holographic interface, but, hey, Apple always had had access to latest tech patents years before it’s competition).

All of those new features need to be taken into account if you want to make sure your mobile application is a success, no matter if you’re making a game for a mobile platform or what is to become a new mobile office app – there are too many variables and unknowns at the moment, and putting an app on store now, mere months before a product that can be a game changer hits the stores, just might be a mistake, which is why I suggest developers take their summer breaks and work on their ideas at a slower pace, fleshing them out and thinking them through before they get down to code crunching.

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